Copy of TED TAIT, Account Executive

ted tait

Account Executive

What do I do at Kaco - I am the account manager at Kaco. I am the one who brings you coffees, lets you know all about Kaco and how we can help you out. I get you quotes, and run the front line, making sure the sales process runs as smooth as possible.

Thoughts on Technology - Technology is more important that it has ever been. With a computer literally attached to our hip, we can communicate, inform, and problem solve quicker than we have ever been able to. With people being so dependent on technology I am glad I’m in a position where I can assist/ensure our customers are getting the right solutions

What do I do for fun - Anyone that knows me, knows I am a huge boxing buff. I love the history behind the sport and the stories it has created. I spend a lot of my time reading up on the sport. I’m also a big fan of hockey, football, and baseball. When I’m not reading sports novels, I am reading real nerdy books, or comics. I love spending my money on travel, and hope to find myself visiting Europe soon!