Copy of KEVIN STRETCH, Cloud Practice Lead

Kevin stretch

Cloud Practice Lead

What do I do at Kaco

I lead the cloud practice here at Kaco. That means a lot of meetings with potential customers to understand their needs and explain how cloud technologies are enabling faster, better and stronger IT departments. There's a lot of disinformation out there but we are leaving these managers with an understanding of how their jobs are going to get much more fun and interesting.

Thoughts on Technology

I remember as a kid I was amazed at how a single megabyte of data could arrive at my house in under ten minutes. Then during my time at Shaw watching as an entire CD of music was downloaded in that same amount of time. Now if I'm on complimentary WiFi at the airport and my full length movie doesn't download to my phone before my flight leaves I'm left distraught. I love how my job is always changing and evolving, along with the incredibly bright people I get to work with on a daily basis in this great industry we work in.

What do I do for fun.

I've recently taken up both piano and model rocketry. This after I realized my children were not going to let me return to my days of beach volleyball and Friday night pub hopping. I do manage to find time for a game of golf in the summer and curling in the winter. Perhaps a bit to stereo-typically Albertan pastimes but great fun nonetheless. Closing the night down with a scotch and a good science fiction book is always a great way to end a busy week.