Copy of CHRYSTA BENNING, Project Manager


Project Manager

What do I do at Kaco

I joined the Kaco Team in 2016 as a Project Manager. As part of this team I have had the opportunity to work on a multitude of projects supporting different technologies. I believe that a project managers’ role is a value driver, that helps organizations improve performance. This is done by delivering solutions to customers that are in scope, on time, and on-budget.

Thoughts on Technology

Technology is all around us. It’s in the refrigerator that keeps our food cold, mobile devices that allow us to be connected at all times. It‘s in the tools that are used to find and fix a blood clot in a person’s body and the rubber that the tires on your car are made from, it is all around us. Technology allows us to work smarter, solve complex problems and make everyday life easier. I love being on a team that is passionate about technology and learning and growing with it. It’s exciting how far we have come in the last 100 years with the use of technology, and I am excited for what we are able to do in the future with it.

What do I do for fun

I have a long list of things that I do for fun…

-Family time (when the kids are not fighting)

-Traveling to places I have never been (typically places that are hot)

-Going on crazy/fun filled adventures (ask me about them!)

-Amazing food (it’s good for your soul and belly)

-Drinking coffee tea and wine

- Doing “Maritimer” stuff (I’m from Labrador and enjoy the cold and a good ski-doo)